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主演:安德鲁·克尔 瓦莱丽·莱昂 詹姆斯·维利尔斯  


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angr001 下载 The swan song for director Seth Holt (who died shortly before filming was completed), this stylish angr001 Hammer production transcends its low budget thanks to lush photography, a stylish look, and fine performances from the l下载eads. The plot, adapted from Bram Stokers novel The Jewel of the Seven Stars, involves an expedition led by Professor Fuangr001 chs (Andrew Keir) to find the cursed tomb of an evil Egyptian princess. Upon discovery of her sarcophagus, Fuchs finds her perfectly preserved, still-bleeding severed hand -- which also sports a dazzling ruby ring. Several years later, Fuchs gives the pilfered ring to his voluptuous young daughter Margaret (Valerie Leon), whereupon she slowly begins to take on the malevolent traits of its original wearer, seeking revenge for the defilement of her tomb. Though Christopher Wickings adaptation of Stokers obscure novel is a bit uneven, it still provides ample suspense and the production has an overall richness that captures the flavor of Hammers other mummy projects. Remade eight years later (with less effective results) as The Awakening; traces of the same story can also be found in Universals 1999 mega-budget versio下载n The Mummy. angr001 ~ Cavett Binion, All Movie Guide

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